Monday, January 16, 2012

Collage Of Cartoon Character

The picture that I'm presenting is a collage with cartoon characters.I chose this because I like cartoon characters. Characters in this collage is from the cartoon show Spongebob.I like to watch the show as well.I really thought this was a cool collage that someone had made.I would love to have this picture hanging on my wall.It was great to share with you this collage I had found interesting to me.

Discussion Questions:

1.What are some cartoon characters you would put in a collage similar to this one?
2.How do you think collages even began?
3.What would you say steads out the most to you in this picture?


  1. In a collage similar to this one I would include all of the South Park characters and all of the Family Guy character. I would put these characters in a collage together because they are all so different and have so many different personalities. I would put Kenny in the middle of the collage because he is the most mysterious character and he doesn't get talked about that much.

  2. This was a good presentation I liked the picture that you used in the blog. If I were to create a cartoon character collage I will have the Simpsons. I choose the Simpsons because there isn’t only five main characters that we know their names but the whole city are main characters and you can identify all of them by their names. The Simpsons collage will be so cool because it will have many people in the artwork. I think that collages began when an artist decided to put all of his favorite things in one artwork. In this picture Mr. Crabs stands out the most because his big white smile is the first thing I see in this picture.

  3. Tanisha

    I would animate the icarly cast and put them in a collage. I think collages began when a artist decided to try something new and added alot of photos together. I would say that spongebob stands out the most because is in the center and he is the first thing everybody sees when they look at the picture